Wine Enthusiast Magazine Designates Inniskillin as New World Winery of the Year

Wine Enthusiast Magazine announced today that Inniskillin has been chosen as the New World Winery of the Year, citing the efforts of co-founders Karl Kaiser and Donald Ziraldo as the innovators and leaders of Canada’s growing wine industry. (An on-line magazine published in NZ!)

First off, Congratulations to Inniskillin for this well-earned award. They certainly have been instrumental in educating the North American consumer’s taste buds to appreciate Eiswein (icewine). Along the way they innovated how to market and package fairly exotic and pricy wines. Little did we know that the winemaker of the team, Karl Kaiser, hails from Austria, where he grew up with the delicious Austrian style sweet wines, TBA (TrockenBeerenAuslese) and Eiswein. It certainly looks as if he brought a lot of his sweet ethnic heritage with him when he moved to Canada!