Svijet u Čaši

Svijet u CasiAfter many long hours of trying to find information on Croatian wines I’ve finally come across Svijet u Čaši the web site of a magazine published in Zagreb. It’s in Croatian only which is why I have started to learn a little Croatian. The name means “The World in a Shot” or shall we say “The World in a Glass”. I hope I am not making too much a fool of myself with this translation.

Anyhow, the web site has tasting notes, a detailed map of Croatian wine regions, and a buying guide. The latter does not mean much here in the US other than some indications as to who is hot, excuse me, Who is Who of Croatian wine making. If you are interested to taste the real thing and not just look at the virtuality of top Croatian wines you should look at our excellent selection of Graševina, Frankovka, Dingac, Postup, etc, definitely one of the very best in the U.S. of A.

I started a subscription to the paper edition and will keep you abreast as to what I can learn from it. For now, go to the web site and brush up on your Croatian.