Croatian White Wines Getting Great Press

Matt Markovich writes in the San Francisco Bay Guardian the wine column Bottle Rockets (yes, that’s what they call it!). This week he is reporting on a recent trip to Dubrovnik in Croatia. Clearly, Matt had a great time sampling a number of Plavac Mali red wines. This is the ancestor of the Californian Zinfandel which in turn is the reason Matt entitles his article Original Zin.

But his real love is for a particular Croatian white wine, the Pošip Čara made on Korcula Island where the famous world traveler Marco Polo was born. Matt sings the praises of this wine:Posip

Despite tasting around, we found ourselves ordering Posip Cara (poe-ship charrah) again and again. The experience of taking sips and gulps of chilled Cara in the hot sun was like taking a slurping, juicy bite from a perfect green apple. Always smooth, never too tart, and free of any alcohol bite or bitterness, it made me curse the fact that it’s apparently unavailable in the States.

Do we have good news for him and all other lovers of this fine Croatian wine. You can buy it in the US! We do have it in stock and a number of restaurants carry it on their wine list. So get in touch with us and we’ll get a few bottles of the Pošip Čara to you, pronto!

And since we are at it, let’s also quote the newest edition of the illustrious UK wine magazine Decanter reporting from “the world’s best wine competition”:

“Thank goodness for the Croatian whites, which sang of their roots and pierced the tastebuds; great wine making and not just a happy origin.”

What more is there for us to say than: the same is very true for the Croatian red wines.