Europe Travels

Over a summer two travelers drink their way through the wines of Mediterranean Europe.

Your hosts: Michael and Elia. Their target: wines of Southern Europe.

We are Michael and Elia, two seasoned travelers and wine lovers who will be writing a series of blog posts for Blue Danube Wine as we travel around Mediterranean Europe, sampling the local wines and cuisines. We will be writing both about wineries that are trying new methods of production like “biodynamic” and about those that have done things the same way for literally hundreds of years. While we are not on a quest to find out what it is that ultimately defines these wines, we will definitely be noting similarities and comparing how different growing techniques, climates, and cultures affect the wines of each region we pass through.

We are starting our trip in north-eastern Spain, in the region of Catalonia. From there, we will be making our way to southern Dalmatia in Croatia, including a few of the islands. Then, we will look in to the wines of recently independent Montenegro before heading up to neighboring Serbia. After a stop in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will be back out on the coast of Croatia to try the wines of northern Dalmatia. We’ll then turn inland again to try the continental varietals of Croatia before stopping in Slovenia to taste their offerings.

This trip is going to take several months and we look forward to everyone following along as well as being able to sample a great many of the wines we will be tasting, by purchasing them on this site. Pleasant reading!