A Call to Ivo Carić

Over a summer, two travelers drink their way through the wines of Mediterranean Europe

As is usually the case in a small place, everyone seems to know everyone and this was perfectly illustrated when we were tasting at Svirče and they realized we hadn’t met with Ivo Carić, another local wine maker on Hvar.

Ivo with his wine

Despite the fact he is technically the competition, they called him up and told him to stop by with some of his wines to for us to taste. Just a bit later, in the door walks this large man, dwarfing the bottles he carried (no, that’s not a split he’s holding up in the photo, it’s a full 750ml) who, like most wine makers was delightful to talk to.

Ivo started making wine as a full enterprise in 1993. Like most who started in the nineties, he was born of a long family tradition of wine making that stretches back five or six generations. He is something of a small producer making 50,000 liters a year. The grapes that go in to the production come from four hectares of his own and grapes he purchases from his neighbors. He makes two different Plavac wines (or Plovac in the Hvarski dialect) as well as a Rosé, Bogdanuša, a white blend called Cesarica, and then ‘stolno’ level red that he sells in bulk.

The Cesarica

Ivo’s 2004 Plovac Ploški is a wine that starts out rather light in the nose, but opens up very quickly. The body is buttery and very well tempered with good, round qualities that carry in to the finish and even give a touch of cherry in there which is fun. In contrast, the 2004 Plovac Ploški Barrique takes all of these flavors and puts a nice, spicy oak in to the nose. The body is even smoother than the non-barrique and the wine is incredibly well-balanced. It makes for some really good drinking and is one of the smoothest finishes to a Plavac Mali that we’ve found.

While just a quick taste and conversation, it was great to see what one simple phone call could do!