An Evening with Alen Bibić Part 2

Over a summer, two travelers drink their way through the wines of Mediterranean Europe

Alante – The Restaurant.

This is a continuation of Part 1 where we talked about the history and how Bibich winery came about. Now, let’s get in to the fun of the wines we tasted.

The Bodulski

We started with the Debit 2006. It’s a very fresh white wine with a peachy nose and a slight bit of acidity. The finish has a bit of dryness that moves more in to some mineral tones as it breathes. Moreover, the wine does very well when chilled a bit, as there are sweet tones that come out from it, that you don’t taste unless at the proper temperature.

We then moved in to the another white, the Debit Lučica 2005, which is actually very hard to come by because it sells out fast with just 1,800 bottles produced. There is a bit more citrus to the nose and a lovely, natural honey tones. The nose slips right in to the body, but loses a bit of the honey. This tricky honey part then comes back to great you again in the finish. The wine cleans up wonderfully and is one of the finest whites that we’ve ever tasted.


We then moved in to the reds with Riserva 2005, which is always a Bibich that we personally keep stocked up on at home because it never disappoints. The nose has some soft berries in it with a good dose of oak. The body is lovely and round. Little bits of sweetness creep in, but are artfully subtle and well-managed. As is the signature with Bibich wines, it finished perfectly and is very pleasing.

Next was the Mantra Grenache 2005. We had had the 2004 before and this vintage takes that very solid wine and improves upon it. The nose is dry with some oak and tobacco. It’s deep and meaty. There are little touches of chocolate to the body. Mint pops in there as well and of course, the finish is flawless. It’s a very complex wine that is still easy to drink and enjoy for everyone.


We closed with the Sangreal Shiraz 2004. This wine starts out lighter than the others. The subtleness in the nose gives way to some buttery aromas as the wine gets some air in it. The body is nice and crisp. Round berries come in to the body as you drink it more and you start to realize how deep the body actually is, given that this is a Shiraz. The last tones to come out are bits of pepper. We need to add that all of this is encased in the lovely ruby red color of the wine. Very well done.

Alen Bibić has learned his craft well. It was amazing to us that he is just in his early 30’s and has managed to accomplish all of this in a very short time. It is a credit to the winemaking spirit of both his and his wife’s family as well as the fact that he is a winemaker to watch and whose vintages should grace your cellar.