Tasting Sopron at Kocsis Pinceszet

Tasting Sopron at Kocsis Pinceszet
Alex working the bar.

As we mentioned previously, we were rather big fans of Sopron. It’s a small, yet pretty town in a nice part of of Central Europe at the border of Austria and Hungary. The amount of quality wine that’s there can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a number of wine bars in the area to provide a more compact method to sample the region.

The very extensive local wine list.

Kocsis Pinceszet sits just outside the old town center. Right about here on Várkerület utca. The interior of the place isn’t anything to write home about with its long wooden benches and tables, but it’s inviting and relatively homey. The owner’s name is Alex (which in Hungarian is said more like Ow-lex) and he’s a charming fellow who speaks Hungarian, German, and a good deal of English. The later of which is not too common in this area.

The best part of this wine bar is the fact that you can find just about every single wine from around Sopron (both on the Hungarian as well as on the Austrian side of the border) and Alex knows everything about all of them. He has some imports as well on a limited basis, but his real focus and love are the wines where his bar is located.


Naturally, one of the most common wines he has there is Kékfrankos. He stocks the wine in various vintages from such producers as Weninger and Pfneiszl. Perusing his list and keeping the Hungary alphabet in mind, one will also find producers like Ivancsics, which is pronounced Ivanchich. If you think that sounds more like a Croatian name than Hungarian, you’d be right. There is a sizable Croatian minority in the region and a great many of them make good wines alongside their Austrian and Hungarian neighbors.

So if you’re in Sopron and not looking for dental care, but rather tasty, tasty wines, stop in to Alex’s establishment. It’s a great way to get a flavor in your mouth for what they offer. Then you can set out to properly tour the wineries.