A Taste of Slovenia at CAV

The tasting menu and apparently a complimentary pen. Last Saturday, CAV hosted a tasting of Slovenian wines. Enjoying at the bar Naturally, such a tasting wouldn’t be proper without Frank Dietrich from Blue Danube Wine in attendance to point out the various facets of the extremely long list of wines. In case you missed it, stay up to date at the News & Events section on this site as well as my twits that I write about wines and events in San Francisco. And what it list it was, drifting from whites to reds, to desserts. It showed that not only is Emil able to somehow talk these very small producers in to exporting, but also that Slovenia is really producing a great wealth of wines these days. Starting with such wines as the Guerila Pinela those in attendance wandered in to the Batič Cabernet Franc and Batič Rosso 2005 (which I hadn’t tasted previously, but found to be one of my new favorite vintages). Batič at the ready Then it was off to the bolder reds such as Santomas Big Red and Santomas Antonius to experience the great, full-bodied Refošk that the Slovenes on the coast are producing. Closing … Continue reading A Taste of Slovenia at CAV

Kogl Saemling 2007 at an IntoWineTV Tasting

As seen on TV: the Kogl Mea Culpa Saemling 2007. These days wine blogs are almost passé, Twitter is on the go, Wine TV is in, and social wine sites mushroom. Witness the many new entries in this field. I was made aware of yet another social site called IntoWine.com with a wine tasting TV section build in when its founder Brad Prescott contacted us. He was planning to produce a future segment on “Wines from Strange Places”. Well, that sounded a little better than the usual “Weird Wines of the World” so we complied and offered a selection of our wines from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia to be put through the ringer by an illustrious tasting panel at an equally illustrious place, namely the Incanto Restaurant in San Francisco. The first episode from this shooting has been posted and you can watch it here. It features a wine made by one of my favorite Slovenian producers, master vintner Franci Cvetko of the Kogl estate in the North-Eastern Podravje wine region. It’s a Saemling (AKA Scheurebe) mainly found in Germany in a fruity style and sometimes in Austria as a dessert wine. In the hands of Franci Cvetko it … Continue reading Kogl Saemling 2007 at an IntoWineTV Tasting

Cantallops, Where the Fruit is Wine

Sweet Garnatxa in the sun, waiting for deliciousness to happen to it. Cantallops, Spain. The name for English speakers might sound like, “cantaloupes”, but it couldn’t be further from that in meaning. If you take it at face value, in Catalan it means, “singing at wolves”. But it appears if you dig a bit deeper that the name has an old Latin root to it that Elusive Masia Serra means something more along the line of “wolves’ rock” which makes much more sense given that the town is built on a massive rock outcropping and they had a big problem with wolves up until the 19th century. Probably the best thing about this small hamlet sitting on the edge of Pyrenees is that they have two (count ’em) two wineries. One is Masia Serra, which it seems only has its information on the Empordà wines website. It’s a gorgeous place, but not often open, which makes it hard to judge the wines as getting a tasting is tricky. The other winery is Vinyes dels Aspres. Now, this is a winery that we actually encountered back in 2007 at a Spanish wine show in San Francisco. 2006 bottled and waiting. I … Continue reading Cantallops, Where the Fruit is Wine