Albona: San Franciscos Istrian Restaurant

The potato gnocchi, which are a good deal different that what you might be used to. When it comes to Italian restaurants in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, the choices are nearly endless. When it comes to Italian restaurants in the area that are actually good, the list tightens up a great deal. So enters Albona, which is best described as the Italian restaurant in North Beach that is pretty much not Italian nor in North Beach. A simpler way to say that is to call it an Istrian restaurant. The menu Istria is a peninsula that sticks off the far western corner of Croatia. This wasn’t always the case as the region has been under flags of Venice, Italy, and even France for a spell. This is reflected in the cuisine a great deal. While it’s easy to call it “Italian-esque” and leave it at that, this would do a heavy disservice to what makes the food unique. It’s a crossroads of Central European, Mediterranean, and Slavic foods and you taste that with every bite. Take for instance the strudel. Yes, that’s right, a strudel. Try and find that on an Italian menu! This dish which is oft considered … Continue reading Albona: San Franciscos Istrian Restaurant

Santomas BIG RED tasting in CA and on TV

Tamara Glavina with Roger and Cindy at Caffe Venezia in Berkeley. This is what’s called “Just In Time Delivery”. When our guest Tamara Glavina, the wine maker of the top Slovenian winery Santomas, hopped on the plane to visit San Francisco for the first time in her life, our friends at IntoWineTV posted the video of the Santomas Big Red tasting on their web site. Then Roger and Cindy followed up with a delicious Slovenian wine maker dinner at Caffe Venezia in Berkeley. What a nice way to welcome Tamara in California. We always knew that the Santomas Big Red is a great wine but now our opinion has been confirmed by a group of expert tasters which gave it excellent ratings. Made from 100% Refosk, the Slovenian name for what Italians call Terlano and Croatians call Teran, it is easily recognizable by just looking at its deep purple color. The Big Red sports dark red cherry and black berry flavors. A good dose of acidity makes it an ideal wine to pair with many foods. But watch the show yourself and then pop a cork of this inexpensive beauty.

The Wine Century Club Turns 4!

The Wine Century Club celebrates its 4th anniversary this week. Becoming an honorary member of the exlusive Wine Century Club is easy and fun. This funky club has no membership fees, no monthly wine shipments, and no entry exams. The only requirement is that you’ll have to taste wines made from at least 100 different grape varietals. We help you to achieve this lofty goal. In our wine-web shop we offer more than three dozen different varietals, many you have never heard of and much less tasted before. Be adventurous and have some fun: Try something new today! Auxerrois – Babich – Bena – Blatina – Blaufrankisch – Bouvier – Cabernet Franc – Cabernet Sauvignon – Chardonnay – Cserszegi Fuszeres – Debejan – Debit – Frankovka – Furmint – Gamay – Gewurztraminer – Grasevina – Gruner Veltliner – Irsai Oliver – Harslevelu – Kadarka – Kekfrankos – Kerner – Kiralyleanyka – Krkosija – Krstac – Lasin – Malvasia – Marastina – Merlot – Muskat Lunel – Muskat Ottonel – Olaszrizling – Pinela – Pinot Blanc – Pinot Gris – Pinot Noir – Plavac Mali – Plavina – Posip – Refosk – Riesling – Rotgipfler – Rumeni Plavec – Saemling – … Continue reading The Wine Century Club Turns 4!