A Day at the Beach with Luka Krajančić

A Day at the Beach with Luka Krajančić
Luka Krajančić reciting one of his own poems.

On the road on the Island of Korčula.

These images were captured during our visit to the Island of Korčula this past summer. What was originally a tasting appointment with Pošip specialist Luka Krajančić turned into one of the greatest experiences of wine I have ever had. We met Luka at his tightly packed but spotless winery in the tiny coastal village where he lives. This was the first time I had met Luka. He is a big man but also very gentle, even shy. When we arrived a couple was already there tasting. One was a photographer without a camera and the other a young restaurateur who had just moved to the island. Our new friends were happy to start the tasting over.

A happy tasting group.

The range of Krajančić’s Pošip redefined the varietal to me. They were the deepest, most powerful and yet most elegant examples I had tasted. Each one was different, but always reflective of the site, the vintage and Luka’s perspective. At the end he pulled out a sample of a 1 barrel production from an old patch of red Plavac vines, very rare on this white wine dominated island. It was inky, thick, explosively aromatic and deliciously savory and sweet. Though he produces no red wine commercially he clearly could. As the tasting winded down he casually asked if we could join them for lunch at his little beach house.

Carefully un-packed sardines.
Carefully packed sardines.

We grabbed bread, a case of Pošip and made our way to what turned out to be a beach so beautiful I thought I might pop like a bubble. It was a lazy little building set among craggy rocks and pine trees the porch we ate on looked out on a bay of electric blue sea. There we ate local shrimp and sardines packed in local olive oil with local vegetables and just baked bread. We talked wine, philosophy, art, sex, listened to some of Luka’s heartfelt poetry and even made a poem with him. We swam, basked in the sun, drank our fills of his Pošip and laughed our asses off. It was a day of dreams that I will relive every time I open up a bottle of his delicious Pošip or set eyes on a sea of electric blue.

Krajančić’ beach – An almost private beach.

We are very excited that almost one year later Intrada, Luka ‘s premium Pošip is on its way to the U.S. It should be here shortly by the end of May.

Pošip Intrada in a sea of glasses.