Our Top 5 Wines in 2011

Our Top 5 Wines in 2011

This afternoon I got a call from our friend and wine brother, Luis Moya of Vinos Unico. Luis had another one of his many – often very good – marketing ideas. He was just about to post their Top 5 Wines for 2011 on the Vinos Unico web site. Luis wanted to convince me to do the same and later we would together with our colleagues from Return to Terroir selected and market the Top 5 wines of the famous in-famous #Port4lio group.

I told Luis that this is a great idea but that we are already overworked and overcommitted. If you know Luis you know that he does not give up and never sleeps, so two hours later I see a tweet in which Luis asks us to put some effort into this project and to publish our Top 5 on our web site. So here they are:

No 1: Donkey Peljesac, Plavac Mali, Vinarija Dingac, Peljesac Peninsula 2010
No 2: Geyerhof: Gruner Veltliner Rosensteig, Kremstal 2009
No 3: Bibich, B6 Riserva, Northern Dalmatia 2008
No 4: Eszterbauer Kadarka, Szekszard 2009
No 5: Kabaj Rebula, Goriska Brda 2008

Cheers, and Thank You for your support.

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