From Central-Eastern Europe with love

From Central-Eastern Europe with love
Eric, Frank, and Stetson with Judit & József Bodó, and István Dorogi.

It is difficult to convey the personal impact visiting the cellars and homes of the wine producers we met with on this past visit to Hungary, Austria and Croatia, but it goes far beyond wine. It nourished the mind and spirit, introduced us to future friends and developed existing friendships further.

We now care deeply for these places that are not naturally “home” to us. Our gratitude to those who tend these vineyards is immeasurable. From the terraced vineyards of the Wachau to the snowy volcanic hills of Tokaji, to the Golden Valley of Kutjevo and every where in between – “THANK YOU” to all who were a part of it!!

That all said…Damn!! Did we drink some great wine!!!

Of course – This thank you extends to all those homes and cellars that we have visited on past trips and will visit on future trips, too!

Dinner with the family: János & Monika Eszterbauer, and daughters Kata and Ildikó.

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