New vintages of our popular wines on their way

The big freeze that hit Europe last February delayed most of our wine shipments but thanks to warmer weather conditions, our containers are on their way to California and New York.

Shipping wine in the winter months is in fact hazardous as it can expose the wine to extreme temperatures, which may cause it to freeze (wine freezes between 15-23 degrees F) and alter its character.

Our Eszterbauer shipment just arrived in Vienna from Szekszard:


The new 2011 Eszterbauer Kadarka Nagyapam:


One of our container was recently in the Port of Ploče on the Adriatic Sea coast, with wines from BIBICh, Miloš, and Dingač:


From Slovenia, we have new wines from Batič, Kabaj, and Kogl:


And some of our new releases are already available online:

From Croatia:
2009 BIBICh R6 Riserva $18.95
A roughly equal blend of native red varieties Babich, Plavina, and Lasin aged 12 months in new American oak, this wine is exceptionally food friendly and will pair with anything from goat cheese to smoked meats.

2010 Dingač Plavac $12.95
Plavac Mali grape translates to “Little Blue” grape. This grape is usually simply called “Plavac” and is the cousin of the Californian Zinfandel. It is a fairly rustic wines with lots of spicy flavors.

2010 Dingač Pelješac $12.95
Made from 100% Plavac Mali, it is peppery with bright berry flavors and gentle dusty tannins. It’s low alcohol and complexity make it unusually adept with a wide variety of food from salmon, to creamy cheeses, to spit fired lamb.

2008 Dingač Postup $24.95
Postup is the appellation next to Dingač on the south-western slopes of the Pelješac peninsula where the Plavac Mali grapes are grown. This newly released 2008 vintage is truly stunning!

From Hungary:
2011 Attila Gere Olaszrizling $12.95
This Olaszrizling (AKA Welschriesling or Italian Riesling) is fresh and lemony. Serve with salted nuts as a cocktail or with arugula salad and cold chicken for a light meal.Serve with salted nuts as a cocktail or with arugula salad and cold chicken for a light meal.

2011 Attila Gere Rosé $14.95
Attila Gere produces with his Austrian colleague Franz Wenninger one of Hungary’s top Roses and the Gere family says that the 2011 is the best vintage for this wine ever. The wine is a blend of Kékfrankos, Pinot Noir, and Merlot.

Cheers and happy drinking!