Get ready for GoogaMooga!!!


The Great GoogaMooga is coming to Brooklyn this weekend. GoogaMooga is a music festival in historic Prospect Park with a spotlight on the food and the wine. A feast of elevated street food will be served, including foie gras doughnuts, dirty duck dogs, and pork-belly-shawarma tacos.

Blue Danube will be there with our special guests Ildikó Eszterbauer from the Eszterbauer winery in Szekszard and her fiancé and vineyard manager Miklós Klein.

We’ll be serving a selection of Eszterbauer wines as well as our Croatian best sellers, the BIBICh R6 Riserva and Dingač Pelješac. The Črnko Jareninčan, a juicy 1 Liter blend of Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, will be our “housewine” for the event.

Eszterbauer handout2011 Eszterbauer Chardonnay
2011 Eszterbauer Öröm Rosé
2009 Eszterbauer Kadarka Nagyapám
2008 Eszterbauer Tüke Bikavér
2009 BIBICh R6 Riserva
2010 Dingač Pelješac
2010 Črnko Jareninčan