Alphabet City Wine Co. Photon Torpedos and Rebula

After 3 weeks of Friday nights at Alphabet City Wine Co finishing with my #2 East Coast tasting, I need a break. These guys don’t just sell wine, they use it. They drink it, they share it, they drink it, they sell it, drink some more, share some more, then close the shop to head over to Edi and the Wolf for more of the same. Its fun, but brutal. Party aside, manager and co-owner Keith Beavers talks about wine with the same hurried enthusiasm as a 12 year old geeking out on Star Wars (Keith’s second passion). Late night while gulping Črnko – Jareninčan with Keith, I compared the wine to Princess Lea and that was that, we were doing a tasting, next week in fact. Keith was not present due to an emergency research trip to study pina coladas in Mexico. Luckily his debaucherous Muay Thai trained, photographer/romeo/assistant-manager Ben Kaufman, pictured drinking from the bottle, was on hand to hold down the fort. We poured a really challenging line up that included the Crnko, the 09 Kabaj Rebula and the Dingač Vinarija – Pelješac. Initially I saw no apparent way to line up these 3 aromatically and texturally … Continue reading Alphabet City Wine Co. Photon Torpedos and Rebula

The Terroir Meter

Can you taste terroir? In their Fall 2012 special issue, Wine & Spirits Magazine introduces the Terroir Top 100, 100 wines that “rocked our critics over the last 12 months, wines that transport us to another place: These 100 terroir-expressive selections make us believe that the earth, the sun, the wind and the rain are present in the glass, their combination distinctive and delicious.” The only Croatian wine in the TOP 100 is our Intrada Pošip by Krajančić. Čestitam, Luka! Krajančić 2009 Korčula Intrada Pošip: Terroir score 6.2, 90 points “Korcula is basically a sun-drenched, 100-square mile chunk of karst off the coast of Croatia. The climate is Mediterranean, and water is scarce, as it drains right through the limestone. Tasting Luca Krajancic’s Intrada, it tastes as through its pošip vines must have developed a taste for seawater in self-defense, it is so mouth-wateringly saline, with a sunny, fresh orange marmelade flavor to balance. There is no need to be familiar with the Dalmatian Coast to “get” this wine: it’s the sort of wine that immediately brings to mind seaside vacations and seafood in tis flavors and feel.”

Impromptu afternoon tasting with Bed-Vyne Wine and Common Grounds

My first official Blue Danube Wine Co tasting since having relocated to NYC mid-July was just down the street from where I am staying in Bed-Stuy. Appropriately named Bed-Vyne Wine, it is owned and operated by Michael Brooks. A big community advocate, Michael often adds a wine component to the many neighborhood events. This time he teamed up with the good people at Common Grounds, a cozy coffee shop around the corner from Bed-Vyne, an artist who paints on canvas with spray cans, and a line up of our Hungarian delights. The favorites were the delicate Szõke Királyleányka , praised for its refreshment, and the sweet/spicy Törley Fortuna. Though this was a free tasting (as retail tastings in NY are), the participants were way into this Hungarian wine stuff and bought the store out of the Törley. Super casual atmosphere, people good and curious to taste and learn, this is all that’s needed for true wine appreciation. You don’t even need stemware! Eventually, I would like to do something bigger with Bed-Vyne that incorporates the full throttle Jamaican and Trinidadian cuisine and strong musicality of the area. We may have to bring the Fortuna back for the Jamaican jerked chicken. … Continue reading Impromptu afternoon tasting with Bed-Vyne Wine and Common Grounds