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In honor of Blue Danube Wine Co.’s break-out NY Trade debut at Terroir Tribeca this coming Thursday, we plan to introduce a bunch of ultra special Hungarian wines that are being air freighted to NY as we speak. Days away, we are all wondering: will they make it in time??! The Jury is out, but the good news is that the 2nd of 4 deliveries has just arrived! Will the others make it? Hard to say! Let the count down begin, 2!!

Here is a sneak peak:

We, Blue Danubians, are accustomed to remarks noting the exotic names and natures of the varieties we source, so to praise the likes of a grape as common as Pinot Noir feels quite strange to us! Occasionally a wine demands it though. Vylyan Pinot Noir is possibly the most decorated wine in Hungary: awards and accolades cover the bottle like the pins of a military general.

Vylyan Pinot NoirVylyan planted Pinot Noir vines where fog gathers and grapes ripen slowly, in a belly button shaped depression smack dab in the middle of Villány, Hungary—basically their Cabernet country. It should be illegal to invoke Burgundy when talking about Pinot Noir that is not actually Burgundian, but since it is not, lets compare Vylyan’s to Volnay. Expressive, spicy, slightly rustic with firm structure and sappy richness, Vylyan is not so different. The biggest difference might be the large Hungarian oak casks used to age it.

Refreshingly, this is not Pinot for tomorrow, it is for laying down and then pondering over years later. On the other hand, Warren Winiarski of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars—a regular customer—has enjoyed cases of the 2008. And if iconic Venice Beach restaurant Gjelina likes the 09 as much as we do, it will pour the 3rd vintage of it as their “by the Glass Pinot Noir”, so it ain’t just for aging.

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