Countdown to MARKET TASTING NYC – after the show

Stetson at Market Tasting
Stetson showing his favorite Tokaji to Tara Q. Thomas of Wine and Spirits Magazine.
Market Tasting NYC at Terroir Tribeca went off without a hitch. For those who could not be there, it was a blast and we missed you! Center stage Tokaji/Somlo wowed and dazzled, to oooohs, aaahhs and the odd exclamatory foot stomp. Part of the Blue Danube Wine Co. mission is to see the greatness of these historic regions realized again. These precious few samples were an important step. To all the producers who sent them, you rule. As do all the other producers wines who were poured. All together this was one of the finest events we have participated in and it would not be possible without your wines! A special thanks to co-host Indie Wineries, made us feel like family.

Wine lineup at Market Tasting
What a line-up: The Young Generation of Tokaj with Patricius, Tokaj Nobilis, Bott Pince, Zoltan Demeter, and Bodrog Bormuhely.
Terroir Tribeca
Terroir Tribeca