Teran is IRONic, because….

Terra Rossa…it is grown in IRON rich soil called Terra Rossa and tastes of IRON.
…though inky dark, Teran’s IRON cool character makes it a unexpectedly appropriate summer red.
…while perfumed and pretty it is best suited to cured and chared rare meats.
…Croatia has historic claim to the name Teran, but with their recent entrance into the EU, producers now have to find a new certainly less historic name for it.

So, what is Teran?

Italy, Slovenia and Croatia all produce wines called Teran (Terrano in Italy) that are related in both composition and form. In these three countries, the best examples classically come from patches of iron rich Terra Rossa soil that has significant influence on the wines. While there is a considerable variation in style among them, they relate to each other categorically. Intensely colored, they have typically more acid than tannin, though some extreme exceptions exist. They are ideally perfumed with brassy high toned fruit and an engaging medicinal/amaro edge that feels as nice as it smells. The sorts of grapes they are made from are related, but vary and are sensitive to the touch of the wine maker.

We regularly find ourselves captivated by these wines, regardless of their country of origin or any real differences, and we have amassed something of a selection. However, on July 1st, Croatian producers can no longer label wines Teran. Supposedly, even the bottles on the shelves (in the EU, not in the US!) will have to be changed! For many, this will be difficult or worse. These wines, Croatian or otherwise, deserves our support and investigation regardless of what we call them. It is our mission, join us. Please let me share what we know ourselves, it’s delicious…

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