A year in the life of a Tokaji vine

This is a follow-up from the previous post Adopt a Vine.

Gifted Tokaj vigneron Samuel Tinon charts the life of a traditionally cultivated vine planted on the slopes of the classified vineyard of Hatari between the villages of Olaszliszka and Erdőbénye in the year of 2013. It is a vine that our band of merry Blue Danubian’s selected on their trip this past January to the legendary appellation to be charted through the vintage. Here are his photos and his words.

September update

Vine September 4 2013

September 4 2013,

6:00AM at sunrise. Wonderful! We are very close to having a top dry furmint base and start studying the terroir of a first class vineyard. Also, we have to decide today wether to harvest next week for an Auction lot in 2014. Only one week to wait.

We had another GOOD rain on September 1st.


Vine September 4Vine September 4 2013


Vine September 4 2013Vine September 4 2013


August update

Vine August 8 2013

August 8 2013,

This summer is too hot and I have a bad feeling about this. Even the color of the vine in the picture indicates that it is too dry and hot.


Vine August 8 2013Vine August 25 2013


Vine August 8 2013

August 25 2013,

These pictures were made just before the first quality rain (around 30l/m2)… The vintage starts to move in a very good direction. The Orbánc is stopped.


Vine August 25 2013Vine August 25 2013


Vine August 28 2013

August 28 2013,

With a group of top sommeliers from Germany. Nice conversation around your vine…:):):)


Vine August 28 2013Vine August 28 2013


July update

Vine July 3 2013

July 3 2013,

Ready for the 4th of July!


Vine July 3 2013


Vine July 31 2013

July 31 2013,

July was just hot and sunny. Our first good rain came only yesterday (30 liters/m2) (see the picture below). The flowering result is ok but notice some huge differences in berry size. The vines also caught Orbánc (this is unusual and I am trying to stop it).

One month to go and then we will have some sugar in the berries.


Rain July 31 2013Farm July 31 2013


Vine Detail July 31 2013Vine Detail July 31 2013


June update

The vine June 2 2013
02 June 2013

Flowering… this is GOOD news, for You, For Me, for All. From now on, we can estimate 100 days to get mature grapes, which takes us to around september 10th…

This is just prefect, not too early, not too late. If we have some good rain at the equinox, it will be in the pocket.






tinon_vine_june_berries10 June 2013

Mother nature is doing its job. You can see the berries now.

To be honest, I am scared about the weather situation: some crops were totally destroyed last week by botrytis! Botrytis was on the grape, before flowering, like in 2010. Today we finished our second spray.

We will have some almond, cherry and wild strawberry too…






Vine June 2013


Vine June 2013Vine June 2013


Vine June 2013Vine June 2013


May update

Stetson's vine May 1 2013
The vine May 1 2013
01 May 2013

I will send you a photo every other day as this is actually too much work.

You can already notice the new grapes.

Meanwhile, the second market started yesterday following the auction. I’ll call you tomorrow.

Good luck with today’s wine presentation.



Stetson's vine May 3 2013
The vine May 3 2013
03 May 2013

Keep going… Hopefully, we will have time to clean up your vine this weekend.



April update

Stetson's vine April 13 2013
The vine April 13 2013
13 April 2013

Spring arrived in Europe on Saturday 13th. In less than 2 weeks, nature exploded and we believe again: a crop is possibly coming along.

Just in time.

With this temperature, we’ll be busy next week on all fronts.

Next Saturday, on April 27th, we’ll have our Tokaj Spring Wine Auction. The Gala is fully booked. And we are closing today for the blind tasting.

Probably lucky with the weather.

Vineyard early April


Stetson's vine April 29 2013
The vine April 29 2013
29 April 2013

We have a huge acceleration of vine growth thanks to ideal temperatures (30°C-18°C), which gives the plant a phenomenal growing potential.

So that I can share this feeling with you, I’ll try to send you a picture every day this week.

Last Saturday, on April 27th, we had our First Tokaj wine auction and it was a complete success:

More news tomorrow.

Vineyard end of April


March update

Vine March 2013
The vine pruned in March


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