What if the Westeros Houses were drinking Blue Danube Wines?

Cersei Lannister
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Are you a wine lover who is like me obsessed with George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire?

Wine is a major theme in the series and is often associated with the most important plots: a wineseller attempts to poison Daenerys with a cask of of fine Arbor red; King Robert who only loved three things: war, women and wine, is mortally wounded by a boar while hunting drunk; at his wedding, Joffrey’s wine is poisoned and he dies after drinking from his wine goblet.

Now, did you know that pairing wines with each of the 9 main houses of Westeros has become increasingly popular on the internet? Check this version based on regions and climates or this one based on wine labels and the houses’ sigils. And don’t miss the Game of Thrones Wine Map.

So I couldn’t resist. Here is my Blue Danube version:

House Stark

The Starks are lean of build and long of face. They live in Winterfell in the North, a castle warmed by natural hot springs, evidence of some volcanic activity. Their wine is the 2011 Bott Csontos Furmint from the Tokaj region. The wine grows on volcanic slopes where the soil is a mixture of clay and tufa and it shows a high mineral intensity mixed with honey and spices.

House Lannister

The Lannisters rule the Seven Kingdoms from King’s Landing the capital city, which, it is known, is on the Dalmatian coast. Rich and powerful, they are often seen drinking strong red wines that help them deal with stress. Their wine is the 2008 Bibich Bas de Bas Rouge, a spicy and concentrated Syrah from a dry and windy old vineyard on the Northern Dalmatian coast.

House Baratheon

House Baratheon rules the Stormlands but Robert, the head of of the house, is King of the Seven Kingdoms and lives in King’s Landing with his Lannister family. His wine is another powerful Dalmatian red, the 2006 Miloš Stagnum. Sourced from 30 year old terraced vineyards on the slopes of the Pelješac peninsula, this rich Plavac Mali is full of dark fruit and dried herbs flavors.

House Targaryen

The ancestral seat of the dragon-rider Targaryens is Dragonstone, a volcanic island in the Narrow Sea. Their wine is the 2011 Spiegelberg Juhfark from the Somló region in Hungary, once an underwater volcano. This is a fiery white wine, highly mineral, with a razor-sharp intensity.

House Arryn

House Arryn rules the Vale of Arryn from the Eyrie castle. The Vale has a temperate climate, protected on all sides by a large mountain range. Their wine is the 2012 Geyerhof Grüner Veltliner Rosensteig from Kremstal in Austria. Grown on terraced vineyards sloping down to the Danube, it is steely and refreshing, vibrant and spicy.

House Tully

The old noble house of Tully ruled over the Riverlands, a fertile and temperate region around the forks of the Trident. Their wine is the 2010 Batič Cabernet Franc from the picturesque Vipava Valley in Slovenia. This organic wine combines fruity and savory flavors with a deliciously well-balanced texture.

House Tyrell

The sigil of House Tyrell from Highgarden is a rose, beautiful but thorny, beware! They control the Reach, a major wine-producing region that includes the Arbor known for its terrific reds and gold whites. Their wine is the 2007 Kabaj Cuvée Morel, a dark, richly textured Merlot-based wine from the Goriška Brda region in Slovenia.

House Martell

The Prince of Dorne rules over a land of mountains and deserts, a region producing citrus, olives, pomegranates, and sweet red wines that are highly prized throughout Westeros. Their wine is the 2012 Teliani Kindzmarauli from Georgia, a naturally semi-sweet wine made from the native Saperavi grape. Showing aromas of crushed rose petals and sweet plums, it is best with spicy food and gamey meat.

House Greyjoy

The Greyjoys, ironborn of the Iron Islands, worship the Drowned God and only drink sea water. As for wines, they know nothing.

And now, it’s your turn!

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