Visiting Croatia with Eric and Michael: Šipun Winery

For part of the month of April, two of our sales managers, Eric and Michael, were able to taste around Croatia searching out more deliciously unique wines to bring back for your drinking pleasure. Here is from Michael one of several parts of that trip:

View from the Sipun Winery
View from the Šipun Winery

Crossing the bridge to Otok Krk, one might be surprised by all the advertisements; some for a local casino, some for other types of seemingly out of place entertainment venues. Sadly this is the direction most of the inhabitants of the island are heading to generate income. The idea of producing a product, be it wine, olive oil, or other goods is being left behind for the easier income of renting out apartments. There is however, one man who is not only sustaining himself and his family with winemaking, but is making great strides to preserve it on the island of Krk.

Ivica Dobrinčić
Ivica Dobrinčić in his vineyard

Ivica Dobrinčić is a man full of passion for the grapes he grows to make wine from as well as many others. At Šipun, two main wines are produced from the local varieties of Žlathina and Sansigot. But Ivica doesn’t stop there. He has a vineyard planted for the express purpose of preserving indigenous varieties of the island.

Indigenous plantings
Collection of indigenous grape varieties

Row after row are labeled with names of grapes that I and probably most of the inhabitants of Krk don’t recognize. He is a man on a mission, both to revive the winegrowing traditions of the island and further develop his own already focused style.

Michael Newsome

You can learn more about and purchase Šipun wines here.