Visiting Croatia with Eric and Michael: Miloš Winery

Michael and Eric with Ivan Miloš
Michael and Eric with Ivan Miloš

Not too long ago we had the privilege to host a significant part of the Miloš family: all three of the next generation. It was a pleasure to get to know Ivan, Franica, and Josip and learn more about the wine their father Frano creates back home in Croatia. Enjoy this next stop on the tour!


In a world that seems trapped in time, the amphitheater of Miloš vineyards spreads out beyond the boundaries of peripheral vision. Bright white stone reflects more sunlight than most Californians ever experience and between this abundant sun and stone live thousands of head trained Plavac Mali vines. Truly a magical place, the land is covered with rock walls built from the creation of these family tilled vineyards.


The wonder of this place is only surpassed when compared to the visionary that created it, Frano Miloš. One of the memorable things Frano told us is that he’s aware that his wine-growing and winemaking are both at odds with the current pace of the world. And while he admits to sometimes driving with one hand and eating a sandwich in the other, making and drinking his wine is an opportunity to live a more fulfilling pace of life.

New maraština plantings overlooking the ocean
New Maraština plantings overlooking the ocean

With this in mind, Frano and his three children (Ivan, Franica and Josip) work the land tirelessly and with the fruit that they harvest, make a wine that is not only among the top Croatian wines but easily stands aside the great wines of the entire world. Plavac Mali is a grape with surprisingly high tannins and at Miloš they know how to tame them with extended barrel ageing. It is no surprise that when tasted blind, these wines bear a striking resemblance to single vineyard Barberesco and Grand Reserva Rioja.

Michael Newsome & Eric Danch

Dinner with Frano, Ivan, and Josef
Michael and Eric enjoying dinner with Frano, Ivan, and Josef

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