Visit a Winery: Füleky in Tokaj

The newly updated 18th century mansion that houses Füleky.

The Region
Tokaj, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has been long renowned for its intoxicating sweet wines. It is located at the foothills of the Zemplén Mountains, at the confluence of the Bodrog and Tisza Rivers. The rivers provide the right mix of moisture to infect the ripe grapes with Noble Rot, a type of fungus responsible for concentrating all the sugars in the grape.

The most popular grape grown in the region is the native Furmint, which is enjoying a renaissance as a quality dry wine, something not seen very often just 10 years ago. There are several other widely planted indigenous white varieties in the region such as Hárslevelű and Kövérszőlő.

The Winery
The history of the estate dates back to György Füleky who was the founder of the First Tokaj Wine Growers’ Society. The 18th Century Baroque winery sits at the center of the town of Bodrogkeresztúr and went under a serious modern renovation in 2011. Founded in 1998, the Füleky estate owns 25 hectares of some of the best historical vineyards in the region. Making dry, late harvest and Aszú wines, the distance from the Bodrog River in tandem with the marshlands is key.

Things to do and see
Visit Füleky for winetasting, vineyard tours, and dinner in their 18th century mansion.
See the winery’s suggested weekend itinerary.
Tokaj is home to many wineries, making it possible to visit a few in one day.

The winery has no onsite hotel, but very close by is the luxurious Andrássy Wine and Spa Hotel. Beyond accommodations, the resort offers spa and wellness services as well as gastronomic experiences at their on-premise restaurant.

Phone: (+36) 47 396-478
Address: H-3916 Bodrogkeresztúr, Iskola köz 15.