Hungary’s Divine Tokaj Wines

Botrytis affected grapes produce Aszú wines. Photo courtesy of Demeter Zoltán.

Do you want to know more about Hungary’s beloved wine region of Tokaj? has put together this great primer on the region and its myriad of wine styles.

Like a gigantic quilt of randomly shaped corduroy patches draped over a vast expanse of pillows, the hills of Hungary’s globally revered Tokaj wine region are crisscrossed with premier vineyards cultivated for centuries – this is the source of goldenly sweet Aszú, long esteemed as one of the world’s most desirable libations.

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Drink wines from the article:
Try the masterful dry Furmints from Demeter Zoltán or the often overlooked specialty dry Szamorodni, from Samuel Tinon.

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