What Is “Pét-Nat,” Really?

Štoka Bela Peneče (pét-nat) - taken by Stetson Robbins
Štoka Bela Peneče (pét-nat) – taken by Stetson Robbins

We are excited to introduce three new Slovenian “Pét-Nat’s” from Štoka. But what is “Pét-Nat” you may ask? In essence, it is an old method for producing gently sparkling wines that has become popular again. This article written by Zachary Sussman for Punch really describes the process and how it originated.

As a form of fermentation, the technique pre-dates the so-called Champagne method by a couple centuries, at least in those areas of France—like Gaillac, Limoux and Bugey—where it has historically been practiced. Unlike the Champagne method, which enacts a secondary fermentation by adding sugar and yeast, the ancestral method allows the initial fermentation to finish in bottle without any additives, imparting a gentle carbonation by trapping carbon dioxide.

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Try the new Pét-Nat’s, or Peneče in Slovenian:
Štoka Bela (Vitovska) Peneče 2014
Štoka Rosé Peneče 2014
Štoka Teranova Peneče 2014