Hungarian Wine Regions: Szekszárd and its Elegant Reds

Szekszárd on the map. Image:
Szekszárd on the map. Image:

Get to know Hungary’s premier red wine region, Szekszárd.

The wine region of Szekszárd, known mostly for its famous Kadarka red wine, has been noted for its wine culture since Roman times and became one of the main centres of Hungarian red wine production in the 15th century. As the climate of the sunny wine region is rather balanced, excellent red grapes can grow on the mostly loess lands. Szekszárd reds are known for their velvety texture, and often show a lot of elegance. Szekszárd, along with Eger, is also one of the two regions that produce the famous Hungarian Bikavér.

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For an excellent example of the region and its signature Kadarka grape, try the sophisticated wines from the Eszterbauer family.