A Georgian Sparkler to try: Bagrationi 1882 Classic Extra Dry

Photo: Meg Houston Maker
Photo: Meg Houston Maker


Looking for a different type of sparkler for your holiday celebrations? Why not try one of the Bagrationi Sparkling wines from Georgia? Founded in 1937, Bagrationi is the first specialized company producing sparkling wine in Georgia. Nowadays, Bagrationi 1882 is the Georgian market leader of sparkling wines.

Wine writer Meg Maker recently reviewed the Classic Extra Dry:

A dry sparkling wine from the country of Georgia, made from Chinebuli, Mtsvane, and Tsitska grapes. The fragrance has a faintly grapey fruitiness, suggesting musk melon and white flowers, and its active, crackly body feels green-citrusy but with a welcome bitter finish. This is a Charmat method wine so its complexity is modest, but the approach highlights the fruits’ freshness and pure flavors. More interesting than much Prosecco at this price level. Pair with fresh cheeses, crackers, snacks. 12% abv

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