#WineWednesday Spotlight #13: Štoka Teran Rosé Peneče


Born and raised in California, the hardest part of adjusting to life on the East Coast has been learning to love (ok – more like survive) the long, cold winters. Sipping on a glass of wine while soaking in a bubble bath I find does wonders.

This past weekend as temperatures dipped down into the teens, I enjoyed a glass of Štoka Teran Rosé Peneče (Pet-Nat) 2014 with my bath. Because there are less bubbles in a Pet-Nat than Charmant or traditionally made sparkling wines, it makes for a more refreshing and easier to drink beverage. This gently sparkling Rosé is a little hazy in the glass, with a slightly salmon hue. The nose offers notes of wild strawberry, juniper berries and freshly baked brioche.

Ham curing in the Štoka cellar
Ham curing in the Štoka cellar

I enjoyed my glass of Teran Rosé Peneče alone, but in Slovenia the Štoka family serves it alongside the air cured ham that hangs over their barrels in the cellar.

Here’s to making it out of winter alive and in good spirits!

Kristyn & Stetson with the Štoka family in their cave cellars
Kristyn & Stetson with the Štoka family in the cool limestone cave where they keep their sparkling wines