Wine Awesomeness: Best Wine Club for Beginners

Wine Awesomeness brochure
Martinčič Cviček featured in the Wine Awesomeness August brochure

Launched in 2012, Wine Awesomeness is a popular wine club focused on helping millennials learn about cool wines from around the world without being pretentious. Their curatorial team, led by a Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year, “combs the globe to find the coolest, craveworthiest wines. This is vino you don’t see everyday, but will want to drink everyday.

The club was recently reviewed by, a website providing Product reviews, testings, and comparisons. The team looked at twenty online wine clubs and reduced the list to eight contenders and three final picks, based on how well they introduce curious drinkers to the depth and breadth of the world of wine in a affordable way. Wine Awesomeness was their pick for the Best Wine Club for Beginners:

For the beginning wine enthusiast, Wine Awesomeness delivers a great experience at an affordable price (even the name seems targeted for a millennial audience). A price of $45 gets you three wines a month, and you can choose among red only, white only, a variety pack (including the chance for rosé or bubbly), or a $75 mondo pack featuring six wines. Each delivery arrives in a fun blue box with a white plastic handle — a far cry from the many anonymous and uninspired brown boxes we received. It made our testers feel part of an actual club. Instead of gauging personal tastes, each month features a themed shipment filled with dependably tasty wines.

Wine Awesomeness regularly offers wines from Blue Danube Wine Co for their monthly selections. Our Martinčič Cviček was featured in their August brochure for that month’s shipment:

There is one blend, though, that simply will not fit into the box of red or white. When it comes to Cviček you don’t have to be a master sommelier to taste that there’s something up. Pronounced “Zvee-check,” the name translates to “very sour wine” in old Slovenian (which is fitting as this month’s Martinčič Cviček tastes startlingly like a red sour gummy). Cviček is one of Slovenia’s claim-to-wine-fames and is a national favorite. According to Eastern European wine expert Stetson Robbins, Cviček is popular not necessarily because it is
the best wine produced in Slovenia, but because it has been part of the Slovenian identity for decades. “Cviček is part of the Slovenian culture,” Stetson says, “and it’s a wine for partying — which is why it is drank cold and fast.”

Also once a year, the month’s theme is Eastern Bloc Party with a selection of wines from Central and Eastern Europe sourced from our catalog.

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