#WineWednesday Spotlight #61: Tinon Birtok Furmint

Tinon Birtok Furmint
Tinon Birtok Furmint

Yesterday was Wednesday November 9th and I needed something comforting. The armchair on the label of Samuel Tinon’s Birtok Furmint was inviting. According to Samuel, “It’s a wine to be drunk comfortably seated in an armchair with your feet up, in the middle of the vineyard overlooking the plain.” Perfect.

Hatari Vineyard
Tinon’s Hatari vineyard: the perfect spot to bring an armchair and have a sip of the Birtok Furmint

Birtok means Estate in Hungarian. 2014 was a tropical year in Tokaj, hot, wet and no single vineyard wines were made. Instead, the bothrytis free Furmints were blended together to make the Birtok.

Light golden, there is a nice smooth sweetness to it, balanced with acidity, minerality and stone fruit aromas. Lovely and soothing.

We have just received more wines from Samuel Tinon, sweet and dry. Check them out.