#WineWednesday Spotlight #66: Miloš Plavac with Oysters

plavac with oysters
Miloš Plavac with oysters at Sadie’s Oyster Room. Credit: Sadie’s Oyster Room

Since it’s oysters season, here is a contribution from Blue Danubian Stetson Robbins. It comes from a blog post he wrote a while ago. Since then, nothing has changed: he is still crazy for oysters and Plavac!

Recently, my mom made friends with a favorite local oysterman. It was rumored that his were the best, so for this most recent visit she order 3½ dozen for just 4 of us. The guy hand delivered his day’s catch to the door. Most were these deliciously fresh, even sweet locally farmed ‘America’ oysters, but the real treat were the dozen strongly flavored wild Belon. Forgoing the typical compliment of Muscadet, or Chablis, I selected something more appropriate for the season. After all, in Maine, winter is the best season for oysters; so why should we drink summer wine?

Stetson, Milos and oysters
Stetson, oysters and Miloš Plavac

Peljesac wines are some of the most transparent expressions of place and people being bottled today. Paradoxically, it is this individuality that enables them to relate so brilliantly to the culinary traditions of other places. For me, winter oysters in Maine will never be complete without some hearty Plavac. This makes the world feel smaller, but in a good way.

In fact, people have been harvesting oysters in the bay of Mali Ston — a small fishing village in the Pelješac Peninsula — since the Roman times and Pelješac Plavac is just a natural pairing for these briny oysters.

But you don’t need to be in Pelješac. Last October, Miloš Plavac was featured at Sadie’s Oyster Room in New York as a full bodied red that nicely compliments oysters.

So yes, next time we have oysters, let’s drink some Plavac, just like the locals!