Meet our Women Vintners

Women Vintners
Some of our top women vintners

Do you know that as many as 13 of the wineries in our current portfolio are run or co-run by women? Witnessing an increasing number of talented women involved in the wine industry on International Women’s Day is exciting.

They may have taken different paths — some took over their family estate from their parents, others founded their wineries from scratch — but they are all passionate about their work. Whether they have a degree in oenology or learned the trade while working with their family, these women are making important contributions to viticulture and winemaking.

In Austria, grower and winemaker Ilse Maier pioneered organic farming in Kremstal when she took over Geyerhof, the family estate, in 1986. Dorli Muhr resuscitated her family vineyards in Carnuntum and now produces some of Austria’s finest Blaufränkisch.

Bott winemaker Judit Bodó
Bott winemaker Judit Bodó (right)

In Tokaj, Hungary, winemakers Judit Bodó and Stéphanie Berecz founded respectively Bott and Kikelet wineries with their husbands and are now making some of the best wines of the region. In 2014, Stéphanie was awarded by her fellow winemakers the prestigious title of “winemaker of the winemakers”. Sarolta Bárdos who owns and runs Tokaj Nobilis was the winner of the prestigious award of 2012 Winemaker of the Year in Tokaj-Hegyalja. Also in Hungary, Birgit and Katrin Pfneisl are managing the Pfneiszl Winery and farming organically their ancestral Hungarian vineyards in Sopron. Julia Dóra Molnar, who co-owns Csendes Dűlő with her mother Beáta on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, has revived the rare white grape Kéknyelű. In Villány, under the leadership of owner Monika Debreczeni, Vylyan won in 2008 the title “Winery of the Year” in Hungary. Daughters Andrea Gere in Villány and Ildikó Eszterbauer in Szekszard are actively involved in the family business with their fathers.

Santomas winemaker Tamara Glavina
Santomas winemaker Tamara Glavina

In Istria, Slovenia, winemaker Tamara Glavina runs the Santomas winery with her father Ludvik, focusing on the local Refosco and Istrian Malvazija. On the island of Hvar, Croatia, Ivana Carić co-owns Vina Carić with her husband Ivo, producing distinctive wines from the native Bogdanjuša as well as Maraština, Kuč, and Pošip. And in Thrace, Turkey, businesswoman Güler Sabancı founded Gulor, a modern boutique winery offering high quality blends of both international and indigenous grape varieties such as Öküzgözü and Boğazkere.

Experience the wines of these talented women with our new Winemakers 6-Pack and in the meantime, happy International Women’s day!