Introducing Our New Producer Gallay

Roland and Jozsef Borbely
Roland and József Borbély

József Borbély purchased his first vineyards in 1990 in Nyéklákháza, in the Bükk appellation, a wine district located in North-Eastern Hungary, right between Eger and Tokaj. The region has been making wines since the 14th century and today, it is awakening thanks to a handful of quality producers like József Borbély, who are working hard on reviving the region.

The winery is named after József’s mother-in-law Isabella Gallay. The Gallay family owned a winery and vineyards before World War I but they lost everything after the war. Now the Borbély family is working on rebuilding the family heritage. While József cultivates grapes, his younger son Roland, who has a degree in viticulture and oenology and professional experiences in Napa, Tokaj and Eger, is the family winemaker.

Vineyard in Bükk
Vineyard in Bükk

Near the village of Nyékládháza, they grow Pinot Blanc and Zenit, a unique Hungarian white grape variety created in 1951. The two are blended together to create a fresh and fruity wine called Bistronauta and a creamy white sur lees called Gallay Blanc. They also produce a bright and spicy red from the Zweigelt grape.

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  1. On my recent trip to Hungary I had the chance to try the Bistronauta. It’s indeed fresh, refreshing, fruity, a wonderful wine altogether. I wish I could take a trip to Nyekladhaza and attend a barrel tasting! Congratulations, guys!!

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