#WineWednesday Spotlight #90: Gallay Zweigelt

Roland Borbély, winemaker at Gallay

Here’s a contribution from furmintfan, Hungarian wine lover and blogger at A Borrajongók (Fans of Wine). He recently visited Gallay Pince located in the little known Bükk appellation:

If there is a scarcely-known wine region in Hungary, then the Bükk region certainly is. Located in north-east Hungary between the Eger and Tokaj wine regions, Bükk has been an independent wine region since 1970. Before gaining its independent status, it was part of the Miskolc wine region. Wine production here has a long history that dates back to the 14th century. In the 19th century, wines from Miskolc had the same price tag as wines from Eger and by the 20th century, wines were marketed with the label of Eger.

Today, there are very few bottled wines available for consumers from Bükk region, but there are a handful of quality producers whose products are now available in top restaurants, bistros and wine bars and have already shown the region’s potential. One of these producers is Gallay Pince. In 2012, Roland Borbély the winemaker, immediately embellished the winery and the region’s potential with his first release.

The Gallay Zweigelt 2013 is sourced from the Lippa vineyard near the town of Miskolc:

Gallay Zweigelt After opening, the wine is intense on the nose although it is hard to describe its fragrance in more detail; however, on the following day it opens up beautifully with lots of sweet spices and fruit. Vanilla, coconut, sour cherry, forest fruits, with a touch of hazelnuts, blue flowers and little medicinal herbs are present. As with the Blanc, the barrel usage is evident, but this wine can handle it beautifully. On the palate, it is concentrated but proportionate, with good acidity and dusty tannins. The wine is almost chewable, blackberries, blueberries, black cherries, many sweet spices, tiny herbs, and pinch of chocolate dressed around its massive skeleton. If a standard for Zweigelt exist, then here it is.

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