BIBICh’s Feast

Alen Bibic
Alen Bibić presenting his white Debit

A little more than a year ago, we were in Skradin, North Dalmatia, for a sumptuous multi-course tasting menu with wine pairing. The place was not a restaurant but BIBICh Winery where Chef Vesna Bibić crafts elaborate gourmet dishes carefully paired with the BIBICh wines of her husband Alen. Vesna’s food and Alen’s wines are now famous in the US since Anthony Bourdain filmed a segment of his famous show No Reservations at the winery.

Bibich Feast
Smoked trout, cucumber and bean sprouts granité, tuna, black radish and spring onion, tuna marinated in squid ink with black lentils, and lovely snail on the grass.

We were so lucky to experience such a meal ourselves! We started the dinner with a festive glass of BIBICh Brut paired with a smoked trout, cucumber and bean sprouts granité. Alen’s deliciously fresh Debit came with a slice of tuna on black radish topped with spring onion. I particularly loved the black tuna marinated in squid ink with black lentils. The rich, slightly briny flavors of the dish went particularly well with the complex R5 that was served with it.

Skradin risotto
Skradin risotto covered with gold

Another highlight of the meal was the famed Skradin risotto. Made with veal and cooked slowly for more than 8 hours, Vesna served it covered with a thin layer of gold. It was super creamy, dense in flavors, and a good match for the silky Sangreal Shiraz.

Chocolate Egg
Chocolate Egg

The sweet finale was a glass of unctuous BIBICh Ambra — just what we needed after so many amazing dishes — paired with a surprise chocolate egg that cracked open when a white chocolate sauce was poured on top of it.

Here is another description of that memorable evening by our friend Marion Podolski over at Go Hvar: Wine-tasting on the north Dalmatian coast part 2: BIBICh.

While some of you may already be looking at flights to Croatia and how to make a reservation at BIBICh winery, we’re happy to announce that Alen’s new wines will be arriving soon in California and will ship in mid July.