#WineWednesday Spotlight #127: Lapati Kidev Erti Chinuri

lapati petnat
Lapati Pét-nats

“Crazy delicious, indeed,” writes Bon Appétit’s wine editor Marissa A. Ross. “And while I love French wines, Italian wines, and Spanish wines— honestly, all the wines—today Central European countries are the ones driving wine, and its culture, forward. They are fresh, invigorating, and mind-bending, proving that wine is constantly evolving and there is always something new to explore.”

She recommends seven wild wines from Central Europe including the Lapati Kidev Erti Chinuri, one of her recent favorite bottles:

This wine is buzzy in all the ways. Not only are Georgian pét-nats few and far between in the States, but this sparkler of the native white Chinuri grape evokes images of honeybees bustling around fresh citrus blossoms. Cloudy-dandelion in color, the Lapati Kidev Erti Chinuri smells and tastes like orange trees in the spring with wafts of cantaloupe, honey, and fresh laundry. With sudsy bubbles and bright acidity, pop it and you will be singing along with the chorus of Kendrick Lamar’s “Yah” in no time. Buzzin…

This Georgian buzzy bubbly is a natural white sparkling wine made by two French natural wine makers Vincent Jullien and Guillaume Gouerou, who founded Lapati Wines in Georgia in order to make natural wines using the traditional Qvevri wine-making method.

For this wine, they used Chinuri, a native Georgian grape variety mostly planted in the Kartli region in central-to-eastern Georgia. The grape produces elegant dry whites and performs exceptionally well in sparkling wines. Also the name Kidev Erti is actually a pun: it means “one more” in Georgian but also sounds like the French “qui divertit”, “what entertains” in English.

Get ready to be entertained with the Lapati pét-nats and with Marissa’s seven wild wines: 7 Wild Wines from Central Europe You Need to Czech Out Now.