#WineWednesday Spotlight #128: Gotsa Family Wines Mtsvane

Cliff Rames
Cliff Rames at SommCon San Diego

Earlier this year, Cliff Rames, Contributing-Editor-at-Large for The SOMM Journal
and founder of Wines of Croatia presented the wines of Croatia and Georgia at SommCon in San Diego.

Here is his introduction to the Gotsa Family Wines Mtsvane:

Using traditional techniques, the winery team ferments the white Mtsvane grapes on the skins with native yeast in amphora vessels (called qvevri) for nine months. holes are drilled in the amphora, and once fermentation is complete, the vessels are unplugged and the wine is gravity-fed into amphora below for an additional 16 months of aging. The resulting wine is bottled without filtration or sulphur.
The versatile style of these orange wines allows them to easily transition from course to course. “There’s certainly enough tannin in this wine to go with stek,” said Jay James. “I kind of feel like I need one at the moment!”
Tasting Notes: negroni-like aromas of driend Turkish apricots, orange peel, and hints of blonde tobacco. Tannic with flavors of burnt caramel and a slight hoppy quality on the finish.

Beka Gotsadze lives in Asureti, an ancient village in the foothills of of the Greater Caucasus, about 30 minutes away from Tbilisi. Beka is a creative architect who designed a two-level Qvevri cellar high in the mountains where it is cool year round. The first level is for fermentation, the second for aging. Beka drilled holes in the bottom of the fermentation Qvevri to allow for gravity flow into the aging Qvevri. Then all Qvevri were wrapped with silicon tubing attached to a cold water spring. Each can be individually adjusted to cool the Qvevri during fermentation. Warm water is then pumped to an indoor swimming pool.

Beka is a perfectionist and constantly analyzing his wines, adjusting the parameters where necessary. His intention is to express the best of each wine.