#WineWednesday Spotlight #131: Bibich Sangreal Merlot

bibich merlot
Photo: Marcy Gordon

After a long stretch of wet weather, Northern California is finally heating up. The hills are green with bright patches of orange poppies, purple lupine and yellow mustard flowers. It’s finally springtime and for our friend Marcy Gordon, it’s time to open a sunny and bright
Bibich Sangreal Merlot:

Spring is here and I decided to open a Bibich Sangreal that I’ve been hoarding for a while to pair with a mushroom polenta dish.
At first, I thought Uh Oh..,I’ve held it too long. Then about 8 minutes later it was all…Ahhh….Yes!! It’s got that tell-tale Croatian salinity and that almost indescribable smell (a cross between a sunny beach and a lavender sage martini ) a Mediterranean garrigue that is undeniably Croatian.

First taste was almost lemony and sour cherry.
But upon opening, the body softens, the tannins unclench and it releases a pleasant bright cherry flavor (still a tad sour) along with notes of blackberry, mocha, and earth. The complexity of the region comes into play with a touch of thyme and mint and that sotto voce salinity.

Merlot—it’s not just for breakfast anymore!
It seems Merlot is on the rise again and if you are looking to explore some off the beaten track regions —Croatia is a great place to start. And Bibich Sangreal should be on your list.

We’re excited that a new shipment of wines from Bibich, Miloš and other Croatian producers is coming soon to the US so stay tuned! And for now, if you want to learn more about Croatian wines, follow Marcy.