It’s Springtime! Megjött a kikelet!

Springtime in Tokaj
Spring in Tarcal, Tokaj (top), the Kikelet logo and the yellow flowers it is based on (bottom)

When French eonologist Stéphanie Berecz founded Kikelet Pince with her husband Zsolt in Tarcal, Tokaj, she wanted a name that was easy to write and pronounce. She chose Kikelet, which means springtime in Hungarian or more literally “out-waking” (“ki” meaning “out”, “kel” is “to wake up” so “kelet” is technically “waking”).

Stephanie Berecz
Stéphanie Berecz

Kikelet refers to that moment when the young buds open up and the first spring flowers start blooming as the snow melts. Stéphanie told us when we visited the winery some years ago that she was enchanted by the fact that there was a Hungarian word for this moment and that she named the winery after it.

Spring in the island of Hvar
Spring in the island of Hvar, Croatia

So Spring is in the air and we start craving for brighter, more fruit-forward wines that can be paired with green salads, spring vegetables and fresh fruits. Kikelet’s Hárslevelű and Furmint wines are delicious Springtime wines, quite mineral and savory and full of stony fruit flavors. Also from Hungary, the Gilvesy Bohém Cuvée is a fragrant and zingy blend of Olaszrizling, Pinot Gris, Rhine Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, the Gallay Bistronauta White (60% Pinot blanc, 40% Zenit) is an aromatic and easy going bistro wine, and the Pfneiszl Zefir is a refreshing white with some herbal and spicy notes. The Bibich Debit from Northern Dalmatia and the Carić Bogdanjuša from the island of Hvar are light-bodied and crisp sippers that will give you an early taste of Summer. And then from Slovenia, the Štoka Teran Rosé, Martinčič Pinot Noir Rosé and Santomas LNG Refošk are bright, juicy, and low tannins wines. So pop the cork and fire up the grill, it’s Springtime!