#WineWednesday Spotlight #140: Shavnabada Rkatsiteli

Tasting at Shavnabada
Tasting with winemaker Giorgi Abramashvili and his assistant.

Just a few weeks ago, the Blue Danube Wine Co. team was happy to visit the beautifully preserved Shavnabada Monastery and taste its traditionally made wines with winemaker Giorgi Abramashvili.

Shavnabada Monastery is a medieval Georgian Orthodox monastery on top of a mountain of the same name. Located 15 miles south of Tbilisi, it was built in honor of St. George who, according to legend, wore a black cloak (shavi nabadi in Georgian) when leading the armies of the King of Georgia.

Shavnabada Monastery
Shavnabada Monastery

The monastery has also been renowned for its wines made by the Monks and aged in traditional qvevris.

Today, Giorgi Abramashvili is in charge of the winemaking with the help of the Monks. The monastery owns vineyards in the Kakheti wine region in Eastern Georgia that are organically farmed under the supervision of the Monks. It also uses grapes from nearby vineyards owned by friends.

Old wooden press
Satsnakheli, the traditional wooden press

After the harvest, the grapes are foot trodden in the “Satsnakheli”, a traditional wooden press, and then poured into qvevris where they macerate with their skins. In the monastery’s marani (cellar), the wines can age in qvevri for many years, sometimes up to twelve years like the 2003 Rkatsiteli.

The monastery has its own beehives and makes beeswax that they use to seal bottles and make church candles. They also make some delicious honey.

Shavnabada is making its own honey and wax from its beehives

The Shavnabada Rkatsiteli 2007 underwent a 5-month maceration and then spent 9 years buried in earth. This amazing deep golden wine opens up to honeyed, nutty aromas and long-lasting savory flavors. It is remarkable that after all these years in qvevri, there’s still lots of freshness in its mouth-filling texture. It is the kind of wine you want with aged cheese, grilled spice-rubbed meat, or a walnut-based dish like Chicken with Satsivi (Georgian walnut sauce).