#WineWednesday Spotlight #145: Miloš Rosé

Milos Rose
Miloš Rosé: a refreshing mix of cherry, pomegranate, and citrus

Not so long ago, very few Americans knew about Croatia. Now, with Croatia’s outstanding accomplishment at the World Cup, everybody is talking about the smallest country to compete in a World Cup final since 1950. Plus if you like friendly people, crystal-clear waters, secluded beaches, ancient architecture, and great food and wine, Croatia has really plenty to offer.

Even if you haven’t booked your flight ticket yet, here’s why you should try Croatian wine writes Lauren Mowery for Coravin. After a recent tasting event hosted by Exotic Wine Travel‘s Matthew Horkey and Charine Tan in New York City, she recommends six wines worth finding, including Milos Rosé:

Milos is considered one of the first “cult” producers of Croatia, and Plavac Mali, one of the country’s most important red grapes used to make both rosé and robust, age-worthy dry red wines. This rosé wine is made in traditional fashion, eschewing stainless steel for open top fermenters and barrels. Flavors of sweet berry and cherry ride high on fresh acidity, followed by a touch of bitterness on the finish. Unlike many parts of the world, enjoying rosé is not new to Croatians.

She also enjoyed Bibich Debit:

The producer of this wine, Alen Bibić, is a champion of the Debit grape and on a mission to bring it to the world’s attention. It’s often a high-yielding grape, capable of producing a neutral blending wine with low acidity, but in the case of this bottle, there’s lots to enjoy. The wine showed as crisp and dry with a little palate weight and broadness on the finish. Another food-friendly example.

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