An Evening with Alen Bibić Part 1

Over a summer, two travelers drink their way through the wines of Mediterranean Europe The town of Skradin. The Bibić Family have always been outsiders to some degree. Wine has been in their blood for a long time, but they’ve never really played by the rules. For instance, when everyone else was selling to the collectives during Yugoslavia, they didn’t. When everyone else stopped making wine in Skradin because of war, they didn’t, making them one of the very few producers in the region currently. And when everyone started spelling their names with a ‘ć’ instead of ‘ch’, they named their wines Bibich, instead of Bibić. These may seem like small things to the casual observer, but it was our opinion that they are the points in life and history that defined winemaking for the Bibić family today and specifically for the man at the helm, Alen Bibić. Alen Bibić We had the incredibly good fortune to sit down with him for several hours in his lovely new wine bar and restaurant (actually a joint partnership called, ‘Alante’- Alen and his friend Ante) in Skradin for a meal and a taste of his wines. Skradin is in and of itself … Continue reading An Evening with Alen Bibić Part 1