Wednesday Tasting at Minimo: Hungary & Slovakia!

Wednesday Tasting at Minimo: Hungary & Slovakia!

Minimo 420 3rd Street Oakland, CA 94607

December 5th, 5-7pm
Flight of 3 wines, $15
As always, featured bottles will be for sale at 10% off to tasting participants, during the event only.
Wine Club Members get 20% off tastings

Americans tend to know very little about the noble winemaking history of Hungary. Even less do they know about the winemaking of ethnic Hungarians who found themselves in other countries after boundaries were re-drawn at the end of World War I--exactly 100 years ago. Today we set out to remedy both problems, in our own small way.

We’ll start within modern Hungary, in the area of Somló which is famous for its volcanic soils. Here Károly Kolonics, a 4th-generation winemaker, farms the native grapes organically in crumbly basalt soils. His Hárslevelű, which translates as “Linden Leaf,” exhibits all the lime-flower and honey notes the grape is known for, while also being a great example of Kolonics’ ability to make volcanic minerality support the fruit rather than overtake it. Staying in Somló, we visit Zoltán Balogh at Apátsági Winery. Winemaking in the region dates back at least 1000 years, and Zoltán’s property and cellar were originally owned by Benedictine monks. The land was expropriated under Communism, but brought back to life in 2001 by a group that included the grandson of the last pre-war winemaker. Zoltán’s Juhfark is dry farmed in basalt soils for a strong mineral character with a floral nose and vibrant, crisp texture. After WWI, about 3 million ethnic Hungarians found themselves in other nations--including neighboring Slovakia. On the southern slopes of the Mužsla Hills, surrounded by the Garam, Danube and Ipoly rivers, is a winery that has kept tradition alive while farming biodynamically: Bott Frigyes. Bott and his son Frici make a superb wine from the red Hungarian grape Kadarka, grown in their soils of clay atop volcanic bedrock. Aromatic with Kadarka’s typical rose-hip note, it opens into flavors of orange peel, cranberry, raspberry, and clove.

Kolonics Pincészet Somló Hárslevelű 2016
Somlói Apátsági Pince Juhfark 2016
Bott Frigyes Kadarka 2017