The Wines of Bosnia Herzegovina

Sitting at the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures, modern Bosnia & Herzegovia is producing some impressive wines from the Southern, Herzegovina region.

Looking out over the town and vines of Medjugorje in the heart of Herzegovina.

Wines & Regions

Bosnia and Herzegovina has two main wine producing regions: Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The primary varietals of Herzegovina are the red, Blatina and white, Žilavka. There are other, smaller varietals such as the red, Vranac, which is grown much more in neighboring Montenegro, but these two are by far and away the most common and well-crafted wines of the region.

Our Wineries:


Region Suggestions:

Čitlučka Žilavka

The indigenous white Žilavka (zhee-lav-ka) is ideally suited to the Mediterr... more >
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