The Wines of Slovenia

Sitting at the crossroads of many an empire and country that has come and gone, Slovenia has been quietly making high-class wines for over two millenia with many of the current wineries founded as far back as the 1500's.

Slovenian Wine Regions
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Location & History

The Danube connects to Slovenia by way of the Drava and Sava, both important tributaries of the great river. Located between the Alps and the Adriatic, Slovenia is the only country in Europe affected by Mediterranean, Alpine and Continental conditions. Its unique cultural heritage dates back thousands of years to the first Slavs. Bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Slovenian culture is influenced by each.

Slovenian Hills
Črnko Vineyard near Maribor

Regions & Wines

The most dynamic regions are appropriately along its borders where winemaking traditions have developed independently as well as together. In the Kras (Carso in Italy) near the coast, there is iron rich Terra Rosa limestone that produces briny and deeply mineral reds and whites. Further north along the Italian border, in the Vipava Valley and Goriska Brda, the soils of sedimentary sea converge with the flysch that makes up the foothills of the Alps. The wines from these regions, white and red, are the most structured in Slovenia. It is quite the opposite in Stajerska, located in the northeast just south of Austria's Styria. Here is where white wines, tuned for purity and refreshment, are produced across the vast rolling green hills of the pure marl soils. Slovenia's mix of culture, topography, microclimates, specific traditions, and single minded producers make the diversity of wines it offers disproportionate to its geographic size and population.

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