Cracking Croatian Wine

Cracking Croatian Wine Croatia welcomes more than 11 million visitors each year. The challenge for Croatia as a wine destination is that their experience of the local flavors tends to be incidental. Often, visitors bounce around the country swiftly and end up tasting some substandard, local wines that make them think that Croatia produces only cheap and average-tasting wines. The truth can't be further from that. Croatia is making some of the most exciting wines in Europe. Let us help you find them!

Cracking Croatian Wine: A visitor-Friendly Guide is a practical and informative book, designed for people who enjoy wine either casually or with great curiosity and vigor. The common problem encountered by wine lovers when visiting a wine region that they're unfamiliar with is how to spend their limited amount of time sifting through all the wines and producers on the shelves. That is why we have created this book, which will provide the pertinent information to maximize the visitor's time in Croatia.

You can buy the book on the Exotic Wine Travel Website.