Icewine: The Complete Story

Icewine: The Complete Story "Icewine" by the Canadian expert John Schreiner is THE book on this exotic type of wine. True ice wines (German: Eiswein) are only produced in a handful of countries including in particular Austria, Germany, and Canada. Only in these countries does it get cold enough so that the last remaining grapes of a vintage will freeze on the vine. Typically this occurs around Christmas in the early morning hours. With the effect of global warming it gets more and more difficult to produce ice wines anywhere.

Our producer Franz Rieder of the Weinrieder estate in Austria is a specialist in the production of Eisweins. Check out his stunning creations and be amazed about their marvelous unique tropical flavors riding on a sharp edge of sweetness and acidity. The author visited Weinrieder and numerous other eiswein producers. Read the scoop on this specialty wine here, don't forget to have a glass of ice wine at hand while you're at it. A sip here and there will assist you comprehending this complex topic...

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