Vinologue: Georgia

Vinologue: Georgia Georgia is one of, if not the oldest place in the world where wine has been made. For 8,000 years they’ve continually produced wine within their borders making for a fascinating crossroads of viticulture. A storied past, including being one of the republics of the USSR, this mountainous country on the Black Sea is finally getting recognition for its unique and wonderful wines.

With their own native grapes including Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Chinuri, Aladasturi, Krakhuna, Kisi, and over 400 more, they make wines both in the “international method” of barrel and tank aging as well as the ancient method of terracotta pots that they call “kvevri“.

This first edition has extensive profiles for the wine producers with GPS coordinates, full color photos, and maps making it the most essential book for planning your own wine tour of the region.

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