Blaufränkisch Known as Kékfrankos in Hungary, Frankovka in Croatia, also as Lemberger in Germany and Washington State, USA.
The name Blaufränkisch (literally "blue Franconian") dates from medieval times when high-quality grape varieties were classified as "Franconian" (fränkisch). This black dark berried grape variety is widely planted in Austria and Central Europe. It produces dark crimson, almost mid-night blue wine of powerful character, with vibrant acidity, firm tannins and zesty fruit flavors of blackberries, red cherries and currants intertwined with mineral notes. In its youth this Austrian specialty is an impetuous deeply fruity red wine with tones of liquorish, which with aging becomes velvety and supple. Today it also can be made in an international style in new oak barriques, reminiscent of Syrah with strong color, tannin and raciness.
Beguiling black fruit and ripe tannins and deep bouquet reminiscent of Rhone wines.

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