Boğazkere (Pronunciation: Bow-aahz-keh-reh) Boğazkere is the most tannic grape of Turkey and literally translates to “Throat Scratcher”.
ORIGIN (Sub Region)
: Southeastern Anatolia (Diyarbakır)
COLOR: Dark ruby to purple.
PALATE: Full-body, high dense tannins, medium acidity, similar to Tannat, dark berries.
STYLES: It is usually blended with other grapes, mainly Öküzgözü.
The grape prefers hot and dry climates and relatively higher altitudes. It is quite resistant to drought.
Decomposed sandstone to red clays
Aroma Profile:
Black Cherry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Black Mulberry
Pepper, Clove, Eucalyptus, Tobacco, Leather, Pine Forest, Dark Chocolate, Licorice
Spicy meat dishes, kebabs and BBQs, slow roasted lamb, intense cheeses